Thursday, January 22, 2009

On The Road Again

Actually, that should be IN THE AIR Again. I'm heading out today for a trip to the USA. Should be a fun and busy time. Here you can see my Happy Faces Tie I am wearing for the occassion, clean-shaven as well.

I'm taking the Delta non-stop flight from Seoul to Atlanta. Even though I prefer Korean Air, I have some free upgrade coupons to Business Class that can only be used on the Delta flights. Fourteen hours, but at least I can recline at a decent angle and will have some legroom. Last time I flew economy across the Pacific my knees continually scraped the seat in front of me, my seat didn't recline fully, and I had a backache for 1-1/2 weeks upon landing.

Here's one more photo of me, just before boarding the airplane. You can see I've changed into my flying clothes before getting on board...

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