Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beer O'Clock 2

Trevor and MY are finally ready to open the new Beer O'Clock. This time they have a partner in crime, Clark. This one is located in Shinchon, on the second floor corner, with lots of windows and a terrace. My job was to install the video and sound systems, and it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately I'm getting too old for this work, I think. Crawling on the floor, balancing on ladders, and lifting heavy boxes is not as fun as it used to be 10 years ago! The real shocker was when I had my head up in the corner of the ceiling trying to hook up the speaker wire, and I realized the wire and my tools were all blurry! When you need reading glasses with your head in the ceiling, I think that's a sign...

Here are the technical details. A Yamaha 300 watt power mixer. Microphones are available for announcements and any game nights (I remember Pictionary night being particularly fun). The speakers are from Boston Audio, mounted one in each corner of the room. There are three large screen HDTV television / monitors are mounted around the bar. Two of them are 42 inch PDP displays, and one is a 32 inch LCD screen.

This is the mixer and the computer:

Here is the wiring closet:

And the four speakers:


The Stumbling Mom said...

You should just get multi-focal contact lenses or that laser surgery. You'll see just fine! Remember this is coming from your Stumbling Mom and her new, wonderfully accurate, cataract-less, lasered eyes. I probably see better than you now! Get 'em fixed! ;>)

The Stumbling Mom said...

Looks very nice! Now could you come to my house and hoist my speakers up into the ceiling?