Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Missed Photo Ops

Twice today I missed out on good photo ops. I gotta carry my camera with me everywhere I go. First, I saw one of these viola or cello players carrying her instrument in a hard case on her back, like a backpack. I didn't want to be too obvious about taking her picture, so i walked on past her for about 30 yards. She was busy typing a text message, so I figured I had the time. When I turned around to take discretely take her photo with my cell phone, she was nowhere to be found! I have no idea where she could have gone - especially with such a huge instrument on her back.

On the way home in a taxi, we came upon an accident between a cement truck and a miniature motor scooter (not much bigger than a skate board). Amazingly the scooter was still in one piece, but there was no sign of the rider. I believe he must have been on the way to the hospital, and the police were interviewing witnesses. A cement mixer and a scooter - it doesn't get any more unfair than that.

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