Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Odd Elevator

Literally. In the new office building, you see, there is an unusual elevator system. Going up from street level, or going down at all, you have to choose either the ODD or EVEN elevator car, depending on your destination or departure floor. There also is a third elevator shaft, serving the basement parking lots, which is really unusual. Coming UP from the basements, you can to directly to any desired floor, odd or even numbered. But going DOWN to the basement, you have to take the appropriate odd or even elevator to the first floor, then transfer to the basement elevator (the basement elevator serves ALL basement floors, whether odd or even). What a system!

Let's consider my colleague CH, and say he parks on the B4 level. Coming to work, he can just use one elevator, going from the basement directly to our office on the 5th floor. Going home, he must use the ODD elevator to take him to the first floor, then change to the basement elevator to go to B4. Got it?

At least the Korean words for ODD and EVEN have been forcibly driven into my brain now, after I unknowingly got on the wrong car. I'm pushing the 5-button, and wondering why it wouldn't light up. I was traveling well past my floor, when finally by pushing random buttons I got the elevator to stop. I got off, and had to take the stairs back down to the fifth floor.

Reminds me of a logic puzzle one of my friend's mother told us once in grade school. There is a man who takes the elevator from his 25th story apartment to the street level every day to go to work. But at night coming home, he takes the elevator to the 18th floor, gets off, and takes the stairs to the 25th floor. After a LONG session of asking only true/false questions to her, we learned that the apartment dweller was a midget who worked for a circus, and could only reach as high as the 18th floor button in the elevator.

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Debbie said...

Sounds like a good exercise program for you--take the even elevator every day, forcing you to walk!!!

I see my identity now labels me as "blogger." That's fun!