Friday, January 22, 2010

Rice System

I've perfected a system to keep from throwing away rice, since I don't eat it as often as most Koreans. Now I make a large pot of rice and freeze the remainder. I use the latest food packaging technology to hit the shelves here in Seoul, the Glass-N-Lock. It's one step above Lock-n-Lock, but the bowl itself is glass (actually, I bought an imitation brand, it was a bit cheaper).

This works pretty well for me. Take a bowl from the freezer, pop it in the microwave for 5 minutes, and you've got instant rice. The only slight problem is the top of the rice is a little dry, maybe from freezer burn? I've been pouring just a little bit of water into the bowl before putting it in the microwave, and that seems to help.

Speaking of Glass-N-Lock, I've also bought two soup sized bowls that I use to bring my lunch a few times per week. The big advantage is the lid seals really well, and I don't have soup leaking all over the lunch bag.

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The Stumbling Mom said...

Very nice! I suppose I could do that with the regular Lock-N-Lock's that I can get here. I'd definitely put a bit of liquid on top of the rice before nuking it. I do that when heating up the refridgerated left over rice from the Chinese restaurant here, but it hasn't been frozen. Just run it under the faucet fast and that should do it. Where's a picture of the rice thingies?