Sunday, January 24, 2010


I tried to organize a party of 6 people this Saturday to listen to live jazz. Unfortunately, 2 people had to cancel, although they had completely understandable excuses. But that still left 4 of us. The evening started out late, because I kept forgetting the map of the Jazz clubs that I had carefully prepared 2 days earlier. Despite being 30 minutes late, we had a great time. Unfortunately, the #1 jazz club choice, Club Evans, was jam packed. There were no tables free. Fortunately, I had researched and prepared two backups, Club Palm and Moonglow. The Club Palm had one table free, so that's where we went. Just as we sat down, the trio began their music set. Mid-way through, a jazz singer joined them (no longer a trio, I guess). It was really enjoyable. Being a former bass player, I was especially impressed with the bass player's solos.

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The Stumbling Mom said...

You ought to still be playing that bass!