Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Tiger Farts

I got a fresh supply of Tiger Balm last week (more on that later). Although you can smell me coming from 4 blocks away, this stuff is great for my back aches. I happened to unfold the impossibly thin piece of paper that comes in the box, and among the 2 dozen languages I found some English instructions:

FLATULENCE???? I can't begin to imagine. Well, actually, I did have one vague idea: if you apply enough of this cream to your body, you will smell like a menthol/camphor factory. Perhaps that would mask even the worst possible gaseous emissions? I'm still puzzled about the dizziness, any ideas?

Those who like these unusual claims, I've written about two similar ones before:

  • Sansachun wine bottles

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    Tuttle said...

    Tiger Balm is the bomb!

    Chris said...

    Another idea came to me this morning - perhaps you're supposed to apply Tiger Balm to the upper lips of OTHER people, during those episodes of flatulence.