Friday, April 20, 2007

Knead Dough?

I've been buying a bread at the local bakery for awhile now, its name is "56h". Previously, I understood this meant the bread was fresh for 56 hours. This past week, when shopping for the bread, I happened to study closely the label. What I read completely confounded me. I must say "Konglish Alert", or, perhaps, since this is the "Paris Baguette", can we say "Konch Alert"? (if Korean + English = Konglish, does Korean + French = Konch?)

Sorry for the bad photo - it was almost impossible to get a good shot of this text because of the colors. Here is what it says:

It kneads a dough with the boiling water high temperature and hour from low temperature and maturing 56 a natural taste deeply and it saves with chewy it is soft there is the recording wall hundred which it will chew it does and a possibility of feeling simultaneously with the bread. The flavor there a possibility of seeing and it is a bread.

I really want to visit the "recoding wall hundred" which can chew!

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