Thursday, March 31, 2005

Vacation Bum

I continue to be a complete bum on my vacation. And I am enjoying it, too. Mrs. Stumbler and I went Tuesday night to a nice dinner, where I ate some duck dish. Unlike duck I had in China, this was served without the head! We have also made a few trips to the YMCA, where I walked on the treadmill and compared the equipment to my Korean "sporens". Pretty much the same, except the YMCA equipment is all setup for English units (miles) and the Korean equipment is setup for metric (kilometers). In fact, I looked at all the buttons on the treadmill, thinking there would be a UNITS button where you could change, but apparently it must be fixed at the treadmill factory. Another cool feature of the YMCA treadmill is that you can see your pulse on the display if you hold onto the bar.

I also played some racquetball, and indeed I was right. The short time I played Squashie in Korea completely messed up my mind for Racquetball. It took me almost two games before I could judge the bounce of the ball. After that, I was so tired that Mrs. Stumbler was almost able to beat me! I was going to take my camera today to the YMCA and get some great action shots of the Stumbler gracefully playing racquetball, but alas my battery was dead and needed charging.

One evening I walked around in the local Costco store while Mrs. Stumbler stocked up on food. I came across this amazing display selling movie tickets! A little strange, I thought, but then I read the fine print - This Package Contains No Product. That is amazing - all that plastic, printing, shipping, display, of an EMPTY PACKAGE! Seems like quite a waste to me. (Sorry for less than perfect photos here, I didn't have my camera and took these with my hand phone).

Movie Tickets for Sale Posted by Hello

This Pakage Contains No Product !!!!! Posted by Hello

Tonight is opening night for the big spring musical at our local high school. Young Stumbler #1 has a part in the production, and has been working very hard for months. I look forward to a wonderful evening at the theatre. I don't think I can take photos during the play, but I can show the poster.

Opening Tonight - Big Musical with YS #1 Posted by Hello

All for now. I'll try to post one more time Friday before heading back to Korea. Tomorrow is Chain Say Day for the Stumbler, so I suspect I will have some good photos to share.

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