Monday, June 20, 2005

Back in Korea

I arrived back to Korea Saturday night without incident. I was able to have a good sleep on the plane, and my jet lag, which is normally mild coming this direction, is really no problem this time.

Because yesterday was Fathers Day, I received a small gift from Young Stumbler #4 in my suitcase. I have named him "Sniff Doggy K" because of his big nose and that I got him in Korea. I think this name sounds like a rapper, so I will have him trained to rap in both English and Korean.

Fathers Day Present from Young Stumbler #4 Posted by Hello

Yesterday SY came and cooked some delicious Korean food. There was some left over soup, which I ate for breakfast. Ah, it was so good to eat....

Breakfast Korean Style Posted by Hello

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Just Wandering said...

Love the Kimchi for favorite!