Saturday, June 04, 2005

Vacation Bites

While we were having lots of fun in Disney World, I was having a small problem. Every morning I would wake up with 2 or 3 bites on my arms or legs. At first, I thought it was mosquitos (모기 for my Korean friends). But the bites would turn black in the middle, and this is not like a mosquito bite. I decided they were spider bites, but it was a mystery - why were spiders biting ME, and not Mrs. Stumbler or the Young Stumbler kids? Very strange. Anyway, after the vacation was over and we arrived at home, I counted all my bites. I had 21 bites on my arms, legs, hands and feet! Here are two bites on my hand (those of you who know me can confirm that this is actually my hand because of my crooked finger):

Two of my Spider Bites Posted by Hello

As I was unpacking my clothes, I took one pair shorts that was clean from my bag, and I tried to put them on. As I put my leg in the shorts, a spider fell out onto the floor! I carefully caught it on some paper, and took some photos with my camera.

I Finally Caught Him - A Brown Recluse Spider Posted by Hello

I compared this photo with some on the internet, and it is the Brown Recluse Spider, common in my part of the country. Normally, just one of these spider bites can be life-threatening, and sometimes surgery is required. I am VERY lucky to have 21 bites and no serious problems. I am still puzzled why they only bite me, and where they come from. I think maybe they have a nest somewhere in my camper. Currently all the bites feel much better, and they are all getting smaller each day.


Mama Stumbler said...

Ouch! You are indeed lucky. Your Aunt Queen (who you probably don't remember) had 1 brown recluse bite on her shin, required surgery and skin grafts, and was out of commission for 6 months to a year! But at age 90+ she got back up on her horse as soon as she could and went out to round up her Black Angus steers!

Peggy said...

Maybe the bites have rejuvenating power?


Anonymous said...

Maybe it was a Majic Kingdom Brown Recluse, with a cute name like Bruce the Recluse (Soon to be a feature Film), and you can make a wish on each festering bite. Or maybe you should go see a doctor. Like now. There are specific medications for this bite. One or two bites for someone of your size, I wouldn't worry too hard, but 21? It is not always an immediate thing with these. The necrosis of your flesh can delay for weeks before presenting. See a Doctor NOW.

aka Brother Stumbler