Sunday, June 12, 2005

Cooking Korean Style

Well today I finally tried to prepare some Korean food here in America. I purchased some kimchi last week, and have been collecting some indgredients for "kimchi samgyeopsal".

Before Cooking... Posted by Hello

Ready to Eat.... Posted by Hello

It was good to me, but nowhere as good as this food in Korea. I was the only one who ate lots of kimchi, although Mrs. Stumbler ate some. And just like in Korea, the kimchi was DELICIOUS when served hot. I am hoping when I return to Korea next week that SY will teach me to cook sundubu chiggae....


Mama Stumbler said...

I recognize the Kimchee. What are the other ingredients?

Woo-Jin said...

Hello, I am Woo-Jin (Stumbler's Korean friend...^^).

The ingredients of Kimchee are cabbage, powdered red-pepper , galic, salt ,green onion ,etc.

It is important to remain the cabbage with salt for 6~9 hours before making the Kimchee...^^

Draw Me Your Tree said...

Everybody has a different recipe for Soondubu chige, and it sounds like you've tried a really good one. Enjoy!!