Sunday, July 30, 2006

Back to Korea

I arrived successfully Friday night back to Korea. Pretty much an uneventful trip. Usually I gripe about the quality of American airlines compared to Asian ones, but on this flight our crew was excellent. I was so impressed with their service that I wrote a letter to Delta. In contrast, usually I am so underwhelmed with the crew service that I want to write a complaint. Here some boring photos of the flight.
No photos landing in Seoul, it was so overcast and misty that the view was obscured.

SY didn't buy me any bacon or ham for breakfast food this time, but instead I have something she called "steaks". Reportedly these will be better for my health. They are like small hamburger steaks I think, with vegetables and spices mixed in. I had some with breakfast Saturday, good but different. Basically I have slept a lot and worked on some documents for work all weekend. This morning I woke up at 3am (after 12 hours sleeping) and prepared some pork bulgogi and broccoli that SY also bought. I was instructed to eat all the meats within 2 days or freeze the remainder that I can't eat. Well, finally I think today I will be adjusted to Seoul time.

This is NOT the kind of JET Airplane Most People Think Of... Posted by Picasa

Up Up Up and Away (near the Atlanta Hartsfield Airfield) Posted by Picasa

Just Over Halfway to Tokyo Posted by Picasa

Touchdown Tokyo - How Would You Like to be the Narita Gardener? Posted by Picasa

View from the Airport Lounge Window in Tokyo Posted by Picasa

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