Friday, July 07, 2006

Swim Meet

Last week (and this week) went to the last two swim meets of the season. Young Stumbler #4 has joined the swim team this year, and is doing very well. Here are some photos.

Ready.... Set.... Posted by Picasa

GO!!! Posted by Picasa

The Winner is.... Young Stumbler #4 Posted by Picasa

Almost Perfect Backstroke Posted by Picasa

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Jim Cooper said...

Howdy Cousin! Guess it's been 20 yrs or more since we last spoke. Looks like stumbling along has lead you down some interesting paths. And granted you some beautiful children! Glad to see you looking happy!
My wife and I moved our family to G'boro, NC about five yrs ago. We see Ann and Lallie once in a while. It's been a delight to have some extended family close by. They have kept us abreast of your exploits to some extent.
Good luck with your ventures in Korea!
Your cousin, the blacksmith, Jim Cooper