Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mexico Mission

This week has been unusually quiet around the Stumbling household. YS#1 has a job as a summer camp counselor these days, and is only home on the weekends. But this week YS#2 and YS#3 went on a church mission trip to Mexico. They will be building a small house for the very poor citizens of a town near the Texas border. The church did this a few years back, when YS#1 got to go along. So on Sunday afternoon, we took the kids to catch the bus for Texas. It was a very long ride, over 18 hours, and they had to sleep on the bus.

Group Photo Posted by Picasa

The Bus Arrives Posted by Picasa

Loading the Bus (is YS#2 actually helping?) Posted by Picasa

Mrs Stumbler and YS#3 - Saying Goodbye? Arguing? Playing Charades??? Posted by Picasa

YS#3 Finds Her Seat on the Bus Posted by Picasa

YS#2 and His Friend K say Goodbye to the Stumbler Posted by Picasa

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