Monday, July 10, 2006

Fun Weekend

This weekend was pretty fun. The Stumbling Parents came for a visit from North Carolina. A fun time was had by all.

Here we are eating a delicious dinner at the new Korean restaurant. Mother Stumbler insisted we try it out.

Korean Dinner with Stumbling Parents Posted by Picasa

SamGyopSal Posted by Picasa

On Saturday, we went to Green Mountain nature trail for a picnic and short walk in the woods. For my Korea friends... do you have peaches in Korea? I don't ever remember seeing any:

Peaches in the Basket... Posted by Picasa

...Ready for the Picnic Posted by Picasa

The nature trail on Green Mountain features a nice picnic area overlooking a small lake. It was very pleasant.

Picnic Grounds on the Mountain Posted by Picasa

Stumber and Mrs. Stumbler off for a Walk Posted by Picasa

Covered Bridge Posted by Picasa

By the way, here is a photo of our home in Alabama, with me and Mrs. Stumbler sitting on the front porch:

This is our House in Alabama Posted by Picasa

Mrs. Stumbler Shows me Poison Ivy Posted by Picasa

Young Stumbler #3 Rests with me on the Bench Posted by Picasa

Young Stumbler #4 Feeds Baby Goose Posted by Picasa

Mama and Papa Goose Watch Carefully... Posted by Picasa

I brought a heating pad back from Korea for Mother Stumbler, and we finally gave it to her this weekend. The Konglish on the heating pad instructions are pretty funny.

Korean Heating Pad Gift for Mother Stumbler Posted by Picasa

Use of poultice pad of natural amethyst
1. To keep warm for the old and weak person
2. For hot moisture poulticing
3. To keep warm for night worker or working in cold weather
4. To poultice for arthritis and disjointedness

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