Monday, January 28, 2008

Goodbye Aircon

[These photos below are of my air conditioner leaving the building...]
There was a glitch in the moving process a couple weeks ago. When we went to inquire about the installation of my air conditioner (that's aircon in Konglish), we were told that this apartment did not allow installation of your own aircon. Each home comes with one aircon installed, and that's all you're allowed to have! No amount of haggling would change their minds.

I've convinced myself that the pre-installed aircon is a big, strong one, and should probably be adequate. Even though it is located in the living room, it points directly to the bedroom door, so I should probably be okay. At worst I would need to put my fan in the bedroom doorway.

So that brought up the question, what should I do with the old aircon? CH did some checking around, and it was going to be difficult to sell. It is a "triple-headed" unit. That is, there is one outdoor compressor, and three wall mounted indoor units. When I bought it last spring, we really were not looking to air condition three rooms. But we found this triple-headed unit that was the same price as most of the two-headed (more common) styles. But most Koreans don't want that many indoor units, so it was going to be difficult to sell. Finally CH himself decided that HE would buy it, because he has postponed installing an aircon at his house. And he said that after paying me a fair price, and paying the removal and installation fee, he is saving a lot of money over the luxurious style unit that HS was considering!

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