Saturday, January 26, 2008

Korean Air Water

I have proof that at least one person besides my mother reads my blog - a non-family member commented on my Korean Air playing card post. I want to point out that you can get at least one other free thing - The Jeju Island Water Spray bottle. They pass these out in the business class cabin, but I'm sure you could request on in economy class. Just tell the stewardess that you have a severe skin condition and need to frequently moisturize, and I'm sure she'll bring it:

By the way, this is an older style bottle, about 5 or 6 inches tall. I've noticed on recent flights they've switched to a shorter, miniature version.


The Stumbling Mom said...

What happens when you get this lovely bottle and do not have a zip lock plastic bag and do have another leg of your flight? Sounds tricky to me.

Chris said...

Good question. If you want to keep the bottle, and as you can see I've kept at least one, there are two possibilities. If you are travelling TO Seoul, then you get the bottle on the final leg of your flight, so the zip lock bag is not needed. If you are travelling FROM Seoul, here's what you do to avoid the zip lock bag. First you pick up your luggage at baggage claim and go through customs, then open your suitcase and put the bottles inside. I've done this for the spray water bottles, and also for small miniature jelly jars, ketchup bottles, and Korean red pepper paste tubes that I get with my meals in business class. If you're travelling to/from Seoul without checked luggage, obviously you don't have room in your life for used spray water bottles.