Saturday, January 26, 2008

Remaining Anamnesis

There are a couple interesting looking bars around the area I live, that I have not had the chance to visit. Since I'll be moving next weekend, I decided to go visit a couple of these this week. The first one is named the "C U Bar". I thought it was a silly way of spelling "see you", but I found out it is instead pronounced "Kyoo-Bah", almost like Cuba would be pronounced by a Korean. Met a nice guy who was the manager and only employee, except for a waiter who would appear from time to time. When I asked for 1 more bottle of beer, I said, "One more bottle, please". He repeated this command to the waiter, "One more bottle, please", and the waiter said, "yes, one more bottle". I felt like the captain of a submarine!

The other place I visited, in hindsight, we had visited maybe 3 years ago with John and CH. I don't know why I forgot about it, because in better weather they have a roof-top patio where you can sit outside. This place is called the "Z1BAR", and has a slogan that I honestly couldn't understand until I got home and looked it up in my dictionary:

Zone for Beautiful Anamnesis to Remain... just rolls off the tongue like a perfect slogan should, right?

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The Stumbling Mom said...

What a weird word for a bar slogan! Tell me more about the move.