Monday, May 19, 2008

So So Proud

Yesterday Young Stumbler #1 graduated from college. The Stumbler, indeed the whole family, are so so proud of her. Here are some photos and narration...

We arrived at the gradutation creremony about 1 hour early, but as you can see the seats were already filling up! We chose some seats at the very back of the auditorium, right behind the orchestra! I worried it would be too loud, but actually it was quite nice.

Here's YS#4 and The Stumbling Father:

The ceremony began by all the faculty and graduations students marching into the auditorium. Here is YS#1 walking in. During the whole ceremony whenever she walked right by us, she never saw all the family waving at her.

Finally everyone was at their seat, and the ceremony began. We got to listen to a few speeches, then they began calling everyone's name for the graduation.

Here is YS#4 leaving her seat and heading to the stage:

And the magic moment - she receives her diploma (sorry for the grainy photo, but I was sitting so far away, I'm lucky to have gotten the photo at all):

Right after the ceremony was over, EVEYONE went outside to hook up with their new graduates. It was very crowded, but we finally found YS#1. Here she is, thinking "WHAT??? I HAVE TO GET A JOB???"

Here is the happy graduate and her family:

We went back to her dorm room, and we finished some last minute packing. We filled two cars with her things ("I will have just a couple of boxes left, Dad" she had told me the week before).

As I was packing the car, I decided to make her teddy bear (who has been around almost as long as YS#1) a college graduate, too:

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