Saturday, May 02, 2009

International Burrito

Made a surprisingly delicious burrito today. Beans, spiced tomatoes, and taco seasoning the The Stumbling Mom mailed to me last year. I used some Australian ground beef, and Korean ham (well, it's a ham-like product).

Compared to a Korean, I go through my rice very slowly. So slowly, in fact, I can't remember the last time I bought a bag. Today as I was making the burrito, I realized that I had only a handful of rice left. But, I remembered that I had a bag of yellow rice brought over from America. So not knowing exactly what I was doing, I added the yellow rice to the handful of white rice in the rice cooker and turned it on. It came out great. So let's add Indian yellow rice to my international burrito. Top it off with sour cream from Denmark, and I'm all set. Burp......

(I'm really not looking forward to carrying the 10kg bag of rice from the store next trip)

UPDATE: The last time I made a burito, for some reason it was much better the second day as left-overs. Not so with this burrito. I think the problem is that yellow rice doesn't keep in the rice cooker like white rice. It looked slightly bad today when I made another burrito, and my stomach hurt for a couple hours after eating it. Finally I've made the connection that you shouldn't leave yellow rice in the cooker.

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