Monday, May 18, 2009

Seat, Sparkling

Toilet seat, that is. When I moved into my apartment over a year ago, the toilet seat was partially broken. Well, the inevitable happened and it broke completely last week. I wasn't quite sure how to get new toilet seats in Korea, but some friends suggested I look at the "mart" first (think K-Mart or Walmart). Sure enough, they did sell some at the mart. Quite a large variety, in fact. However, 90% of them were either baby toilet seats or seats for small toilets. My toilet is large (think oval, not circle). There were only 3 that looked like they would fit, and they all three looked unusual. Two of them looked so feminine, I just couldn't bring myself to buy either one (and one of those was about $50!!!). I settled on one that is barely tolerable - I would call it sparkling, and it set me back about $25:

They are very proud of the hardware and hinge construction - you can see those are made from stainless steel:

Sparing you a photo of my dirty toilet, here is a photo stolen from their website (as were all these photos) here's a photo of the installed seat:

Here is the one I couldn't bring myself to buy, even ignoring the high price:

Two final points... in the literature which accompanied this seat, they had a nice diagram highlighting all the features of this toilet seat. Althouh not fluent in Korean, one caught my attention - basically it said this seat will not be cold in the winter. I am not quite sure how they do that - I'm aware of ELECTRIC toilet seats that are heated, but I have no idea how this ordinary seat could stay warm in the winter.

And I can't end this without pointing out that the toilet seat manufacturer's name, DITTO, actually stands for something. According to the corporate introduction on their website:

"infinite Designs and Imiginations for Total Toilet-ware Organization"

The Konglish just doesn't get any better than that, folks! In case you're wondering about a "Total Toilet-ware Organization", they've provided a chart to explain it clearly:


Joe in Korea said...

Gives new meaning to the "Korea Sparkling" brand, doesn't it.

I was actually also shopping for toilet seats this weekend, and just couldn't bring myself to buy any of the three that E-mart had for sale.

Chris said...

Joe, this one I got from Homeplus. I'm surprised E-Mart had a smaller selection. Usually they have more items to chose from in my experience. I think I would have been better off walking around some of the back streets until I found an old shop that sold toilet seats.

I also rejected a bunch that were cushioned toilet seats. I don't think that's a Korean thing, they have them back in the USA, too. But personally I just don't like them. And I have no idea why - just a preference I guess.