Saturday, May 09, 2009

Phone, Foot and Fast Food

I broke my phone the other day, and had to revert to my older phone, which is a little bit flaky. On top of that, I lost the phone book contents. Well, not entirely. I have the phone book backed up on my computer, but the program asks me for a password and I have no idea what the password is! When I used the program before, the phone was always plugged in, and the password was the same as the phone's password. Now, without a phone, it seems to want another password. So, anyonw who sends me a text message these days gets a standard reply "sorry, who are you?" (that has made a few friends a little upset, it seems, until I explain the reason). Also I've found the new phone that I want, but I need more research and money before I take the leap. For now I'll stumble along with this 2003-model phone.

My foot is STILL hurting me. It doesn't look bad, doesn't look infected, it just hurts. Sometimes it REALLY hurts (like right now), and other times it is normal. It seems to be more sensitive after I've been sitting with my foot elevated, say on the foot stool by my sofa. But, usually, I have put my feet on the stool in the first place because the heel was hurting! I've heard it is slow to heal because there is generally poor circulation in the feet. I've also heard it is because of summer-time weather, that wounds take a long time to heal. I don't really care what the reason, I just want my foot to stop hurting. I guess another visit to the doctor is in order.

I almost NEVER eat at McDonalds. When I do, these days maybe once per month or even less, and usually for breakfast. For some reason, within the past 24 hours, I've eaten there THREE times! On a whim, yesterday morning I ate breakfast there. The on the way home last night, I was really tired and didn't want to cook, and I was walking by McD in the train station, and said, oh well, I'll grab a hamburger for dinner. This morning, Saturday, I woke up early, made a few phone calls, and headed to the office. I was going to eat at the Joe's Sandwich shop. Well, they aren't open at 8am on Saturday morning! Right across the street is another sandwich shop, but they too were closed. Sigh... back to McD's again. At least the breakfast menu is on sale this month. Burrrrrrppppppp.

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