Sunday, May 03, 2009

Swine Gyeop Sal

I heard that the value of pork is on the decline, since the recent outbreaks of the swine flu (which we're now supposed to call 2009 H1N1 flu, named after the discovered of the virus, Dr. Samuel 2009 H1N1). Consider that they ordered the slaughter of all pigs in Egypt. Korea has strengthened inspections of incoming pork, despite the fact that eating pork is not known to transmit the flu (tip to Joe Seoulman for this report). With this in mind, I was joking to my friend JI the other day that we ought to eat at a pork restaurant soon - the prices would be discounted and they wouldn't be very crowded because of this irrational fear.

JI took my suggestion seriously, and researched pork places on the internet. Therefore last night we went to the one he chose, called "Eight Flavors".

They serve 8 different types of sam-gyeop-sal (which is pork belly meat, similar to bacon, but really thick). Let me try to remember them:

1. Plain (if you can count this as a flavor)
2. Curry
3. Red Pepper
4. Wine
5. Herb

Oh well, I forgot three of them. We had the curry, herb, and red pepper. My favorite was the herb (shown below), although the red pepper came in a close second place.

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