Friday, June 04, 2010


One of the small gifts I brought The Stumbling Mom was a bottle of Bulgogi marinade sauce. We wanted to try it out, so Monday night we decided to prepare a Korean meal. Started with some Sirloin meat, which I tried to slice as thin as possible - still wasn't thin enough, but it was good. Cut up lots of small vegetables to add to the marinade sauce - onions, mushrooms and green onions. Let is soak for a few hours (overnight would have been best, but we didn't have the time):

Next, The Stumbling Mom roasted some pine nuts, I cut up some more of the "cucumber peppers", made some brown rice in the new rice cooker, and finally cooked the bulgogi:

Here is the final result. The home-grown lettuce leaves weren't very big, so I spilled a lot of rice when making a wrap. Also, the brown rice isn't sticky, which made it easier to spill. But still, very delicious.

Tuesday morning I headed up to Tennessee to meet with a colleague. Did some last minute shopping at Walmart, and drove on to Atlanta through heavy rain. Spent the night at the airport hotel, and left back to Seoul at the crack of dawn Wednesday morning.

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LKF said...

Well, the big question is did you bring back BBQ sauce?