Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Young Stumbler #3 graduated from High School this week! Congratulations!

Wednesday night we had a small dinner for her at The Stumbling Parents' house. Hamburgers with corn-on-the-cob, roasted garlic, red peppers, potatoes, and many more...

Big, red, peppers. In Korea, these are called 오이고추, or literally "cucumber pepper":

Here we roasted whole garlics with some olive oil in the oven. Really soft and delicious.

The Stumbling Dad preparing hamburgers:

and cleaning the grill:

Oven-roasted potatoes:

Here is the grill ready for the hamburgers, with the corn on the top shelf:

I made a fusion dish - kimchi burger!

Oh - yeah, this post was about Young Stumbler #3 graduation! I got distracted by the food...

Young Stumbers #1 and #3,

and Young Stumbler #4 (#2 was working this night)

After dinner, we were treated to a concert by Young Stumbler #4 - she has been practicing a song for several months now, and was ready to show off:

The graduate played for us a little on her new keyboard graduation gift:

The next night was the graduation ceremony itself. I was seated behind the band, with 9 tubas and 20+ Trombones! It was great:

Here is Young Stumbler #3 receiving her diploma:

After a final and unnecessarily long second speech of the night, the principal declared the class of 2010 officially graduated. And off came the hats:

Based on previous years' experiences trying to find a restaurant after graduation, this year I made a reservation. However, we arrived at the restaurant to find it mostly empty! Not quite sure what happened. Here is The Proud Stumbler and the nw graduate:


Tuttle said...

Awesome--great looking family!

The food looks right on, too! I'd guess you're having a good ol' time. Just be sure to remember to come back to Seoul!

Debbie said...
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