Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Meat, Meat, and More Meat

Visited The Stumbling Brother this weekend, the focal point being a big meat cookout attended by me and two of his friends. He has converted part of his back yard into a meat cooking pavillion.

Here is a list of the meats that were cooked that afternoon. We added it up, and we cooked a total of 80 lbs of meat, or 36 kgs!

  • Brisket, qty 2, 4 lbs ea
  • Butt Roast, qty 4, 7-10 lbs ea
  • Turkey Breast, qty 2, 7 lbs ea
  • Whole Turkey, qty 1, 13 lbs
  • Chicken Wings, qty 24
  • Catfish Fillets, 5 lbs
  • Baked Beans w/Sausage, 3 lbs
  • Fried Hushpppies, 1 lb
  • Corn Fritters w/Black-Eyed Peas and Garlic, 2 lbs
  • French Fries, 3 lbs
  • SPAM, 1 can

  • The meat cooking equipment (that was used) consisted a gas grill:

    a gas stove,

    an electric "table-top" turkey frier,

    an electric smoker,

    and an experimental "trash can" method using hot coals.

    I don't think THIS grill / smoker was used, but I'm not 100% sure:

    Here we all are, sitting around waiting for the meat to cook...

    The Stumbling Nephew in his St. Patrick's Day coat with Young Stumbler #4:

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    Tuttle said...

    That's quite a list of meats there.

    Uh, one can of Spam?