Sunday, January 29, 2006

It's Magic

I have been having two mild health issues lately. My throat and sinuses have been real dry, which is not too surprising I guess in winter time. And I have a back ache in one certain part of my back. So yesterday I braved the holiday crowds at the Carrefour and got myself a humdifier and a heating pad. The humidifier has a rotating nozzle on top, which can be programmed to be still, or rotate to cover a 60, 120, 180, or 360 degree sector! It also has dizzying array of electronic controls, including an "Artifical Intelligence" mode! Last night CH explained most of the buttons to me, and I know enough to turn the thing on and get it running. CH also said that with the built-in humidity sensor, it doesn't get things drenching wet like my one at home does. The brand name/logo: "IT'S MAGIC".

Korean Humidifier, With Sensor Posted by Picasa

Also, I bought a heating pad for my back. Actually, it is a "Mineral Stone Poltice", and according to the manufacturer's website, it is filled with "Hardwood Charcoal & Biostone". Other than it feels crunchy, it is the same as my heating pad in the USA. Well, not quite - it has an electronic timer, where you set the length of time for your heat "therapy", 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 90 minutes. Actually, this was helpful since I used it yesterday afternoon sitting on the sofa, and fell asleep. When I woke up, I noticed it had shut off after 30 minutes.

Korean Mineral Stone Poltice (Heating Pad) with Timer and Heat Control Posted by Picasa

Here are some of the claims that the manufacturer makes:

* Intended Application of the Device
- Soothing dry heat brings comfortable relief to sore, aching muscles and joints
- Recommended for sports injuries, strains, tired muscles and relief of temporary
arthritic pain
- Delivering heat evenly among all throughout pad surface.
- Removable & Machine washable outer cloth cover.
- Moderate heat therapy for the relief of tired, aching muscles and joints.

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