Saturday, January 07, 2006

Las Vegas

Well, I arrived Wednesday night here in Las Vegas for a trade show. I had some mixup with my airplane tickets, but it worked out okay because they sent me on a flight which arrived a little earlier. My Korean friend CH had his flight delayed, so he waited for me at the airport and I gave him a ride to his hotel. I woke up Thursday morning, and got out my computer to check email, only to discover that I had left my power supply in the Atlanta airport. So, I began my trip in Las Vegas by driving around looking for a Radio Shack (thanks to John for helping me navigate over the phone). Finally got my computer running okay. Here are some random photos of events so far.

Here's my hotel - you'll notice it has a roller coaster.

My Hotel - New York New York Posted by Picasa

CH and I got together one night for dinner.

Dinner at the "Big Kitchen Buffet" Posted by Picasa

Can someone tell me who this singer is? I think I remember the announcer saying "Jade" somebody, but am not sure. I belive also she must be an artist signed to Sony, because she was singing at the Sony booth. I remember also she is from Australia, and her music was quite good.

Sony Booth Had Live Performers (Who is This?) Posted by Picasa

Cute Three-Wheeled Electric Car Posted by Picasa

The SANYO Blimp Posted by Picasa

I had a funny thing happen yesterday. I recently changed the ringtone on my USA cell phone to be the same song as Korean cell phone (for my Korean friends, it is Chaeyeon's song Dagawa 다가와 ). Well, yesterday in the trade show I was meeting with some company at their booth, and I kept hearing my cell phone ring. I would check it, and there would be no call. This happened about 5 times during our meeting. Finally, just after I finished the meeting, I was walking away and it happened again. I looked around, and found the problem. In the next booth, there was a company selling portable video players, and they were using this music video to demonstrate their product! I should also say that this incident was probably the only time I actually heard (or thought I heard) my phone ringing. Here at the trade show, the noise is to loud that I have missed almost every call to me.

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lissie said...

i've always wondered what would happen if my cell phone rang at the same moment i was actually listening to that song. it'd be pretty weird.