Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Miracle Crab

Several months back, a new sandwich shop opened in our building. It is the "Believe" sandwich shop, where we are told to "Talk, Relax, Drink and Eat". I have examined the menu many times when walking by, and have been tempted by tasty sandwiches. They are named as follows (I've left off the word SANDWICH to ease my typing): Blessing Ham, Praise Chicken, Goodness Pastrami, Prayer Smoked Salmon, Holy Dream Tuna, Amazing Turkey, Miracle Crab, Harvest Sweet Potato, and Kingdom Egg Bacon. While the Holy Dream Tuna and the Prayer Smoked Salmon were tempting, I had been wanting for a long time to try the Miracle Crab Sandwich. Finally I went to the store recently and ordered one. First, the clerk took extreme and painstaking care to prepare my sandwich. I have never seen a sandwich made with such precision. Then, when completed, she proceeded to wrap the sandwich as if it were a precious Christmas gift. Then it went inside a clear plastic bag, and finally in a take-out paper bag. It took as much time to wrap the sandwich as it did to make it!

Well, the wait was worth it. I really liked the sandwich, and actually went back the next day and ate one again. If I go again, I will branch out and try some others. For the curious, the crab was not big chunks of crab meat, but it was small pieces of crab made into something like tuna or chicken salad. It was served with several vegetables, including lettuce and tomato, and the bread was slightly sweet. I don't know if this is a chain, or a one-of-a-kind store. The fact that we are extremely close to two churches may have influenced the theme of the shop.

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