Sunday, January 29, 2006

Lunar New Year

This weekend is the Korean holiday of Lunar New Year. Tonight CH and HS came by to deliver some food for me. Since I had already eaten dinner, I had it instead for breakfast, although last night we ate some of the fruit they brought. I don't know what half of the foods are, but they were all good. What you see in the photo is AFTER I ate breakfast, so I'm going to get at least two meals from it, maybe three.

Check Out This Stacking Container! Posted by Picasa

New Year Gift - An Assortment of Korean Foods Posted by Picasa

When we finished the fruit, we played a game I bought yesterday for YS#4. It is called PISA (as in "Leaning Tower of..."?), and is a Jenga imitation. The box contains a stack 18 levels high, and the English instructions say that "expert" players can build a stack 36 layers high! There is a weird dice included in the box, but the English instructions don't tell me how to use it. I noticed that the Korean instructions explain it, but I don't know what they say. We only built it up to about 25 levels before CH lost the game, so I guess we're far from the "expert" level.

PISA - Jenga Imitation Posted by Picasa

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