Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Stumbling Chef?

I decided to do some cooking yesterday. Since this is the Korean Lunar New Years Holiday, I cooked the traditional New Year's soup Ddok Mandu Guk. This is my second time to cook this dish, and it worked out well. You will notice some kimchi in the photo, which I bought at the store. I was surprised that I can tell this is not so good kimchi. I much prefer the kimchi that SY's mother makes. Her kimchi tastes so much better than this from Carrefour.

My Own Cooking - New Years Meal Posted by Picasa

I was pretty full from all that food for lunch - you can see I was still working on those pear slices at dinner time. So for dinner I decided to make some kimchi fried rice. It, too, came our pretty good. And, I found a use for the SPAM. Once you slice it up and put it in the fried rice, it's pretty tasty. But, I felt a little queasy when I dumped out that quivering slab of SPAM onto the cutting board.

Dinner - Kimchi Fried Rice Posted by Picasa

Closeup View - See the SPAM? Posted by Picasa

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