Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Corean Comet

At the store last time, I tried to ask for scouring powder, like Comet. Talk about a challenging item to ask for in Konglish and body language! I was finally sold this product.

With the clear reference to baking soda, I assumed this was a cleaning product that included baking soda as an indgredient. And furthermore, it was sold in the cleaning product section, not the cooking section. But I finally tried to use it tonight, and it appears to be plain baking soda. Is that common to use for cleaning sinks?

I have a vague memory of cleaning my tuba in High School with baking soda. But I don't ever remember using it to clean the kitchen sink. I thought I could get somewhere with the Korean on the label, but actually it is just the western phrase "Natural Shaker".

I am not the best judge of cleanliness, but the sink sure seems cleaner after scrubbing with baking soda. Although probably just scrubbing it with soap would have done a good job too.

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hbl said...

Baking soda makes a mild scouring agent. You couldn't go wrong by using it.

Also, food grade baking soda is a good toothpaste.