Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Korean Breakfast

I've decided to go on a JJIGAE craze these days. These soups are reportedly some of the most healthy Korean dishes, and I really enjoy them. I worry that I've been too lazy about my cooking these days, and eating too many unhealthy foods. Pizza, sandwiches, hot dogs, etc. So, my plan is to only eat JJIGAE soups from now on. Here is a typical breakfast with Tuna-Kimchi Jjigae, rice and a fried egg.


hbl said...

I suppose kimchi in the short term couldn't do any harm. Over the longer term, I would stick with unfermented vegetables.

Chris said...

HBL: I should have been more clear. This Kimchi Jjigae is only one example of the various Jjigaes available. The other two popular ones, when translated into their mouth-watering english names, are "Fermented Soybean Paste stew" and "Raw Bean Curd Stew" (or I've also heard it called "Unformed Tofu Stew").