Monday, August 13, 2007

Peachy Keen

I received a small bag of peaches as a gift the other day, and decided I should eat them while they are fresh. They really were sweet and delicious, and despite the skin looking a little whiter than those from the USA. I decided to try an experiment with the blender, despite the failure with the watermelon a few weeks ago. I know that I like peaches and ice cream, so it wasn't a big step to put some of each in the blender and see what happened. The result was delicious. No photo - I was too quick to start drinking it. If i do this again with the remaining peaches, I'll put up a photo. But it's REALLY simple to make. Even YS#4 could do it, as long as she didn't cut her finger peeling the peaches or forget to put the lid on the blender. Highly recommended.

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