Thursday, August 02, 2007


When The Stumbling girls were visiting last, YS#4 needed an Pencil Sharpener to do her school work. We went to the nearby office supply store and got one for something like 30 cents. I needed one myself this week, so I stopped at that store again yesterday. My first shock was the interior - I thought I had walked into the wrong place. Before, this store was two stories tall, but yesterday it was one huge room. I'm not quite sure what they did - the ceiling looks too short to have previously been the upstairs. It was quite disorienting. Anyway, the clerk pointed us to the sharpeners, and CH got there first. He asked me, "do you want a bear or dog?" While the sharpener that YS#4 got wasn't exactly adult styled, it was a simple and plain shape. The only ones he had yesterday were clearly for children, and I mean young children. Not to be deterred, since many people tell me that I am still a child, I proceeded to chose my style sharpener. I passed on the bear and dog, and setted instead on a car. If it is going to look like a toy, I want it to function as a toy, too.

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