Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Running On

I decided to sell my Health Club membership, and buy a running machine (that's Konglish for treadmill). After shopping around, I found a good one at a good price. I was surprised to learn that I couldn't buy the very cheapest treadmill because of my weight! There's just another reason for me to lose weight, exercise equipment will be cheaper! Well, it was delivered yesterday afternoon. It sure looks a lot bigger inside the apartment than it does in the store! It is a little bit overwhelming, as you can see:

Here you can see the view from my sofa, complete with a view of my toes! It really does grab your attention, being so large. I think I'll manage, however.

I used it last night, and it was very smooth. One issue I learned about from some Koreans, after I had purchased it, was the concern about the sound. Aparently it is very common in Korea to have disputes over the sound of exercise equipment located on the floor above your home. I communicated this the best I could to the shop, and as a result he doubled the thickness of this cushioning mat from 1cm to 2cm. During my first go on the machine last night, the motor sure sounded very quiet and smooth. Actually, I think the sound of my feet hitting the track made more noise than the actual machine.

Also, CH has wisely suggested that I limit my use of the machine from between say 9am and 9 or 10pm at night. That seems reasonable, and it is unlikely I would be inclinced to exercise outside those hours anyway.

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