Monday, November 17, 2008


I've been delaying making a post, because my phone/camera seems to have gotten a virus! But by using photos that don't have to be rotated, I can proceed to make a post. We went back to the bank last week, on a Thursday, when the coin change counting machine would be operating. And it was.

You slowly pour the coins onto this small conveyor belt, and the coins are gobbled up by the machine. It makes all sorts of interesting noises. Clunks, clinks, rattles and clanks. On the computer display screen, you see a running tally of how many of each coin type has been counted. As fun as this was, it could have been a better experience - IF THE MACHINE WAS MADE FROM GLASS! Then you could watch all the coins being "processed" and counted.

EDIT: Anonymous "K" correctly pointed out that I omitted the amount of change in my two buckets. Roughly there was $203 worth of change. I had prevously guessed $250, so I was about 25% high. Yikes!


Anonymous said...

You neglected to tell us the $ value of your coins. Leaving us to continue to wonder about your estimating skills! :-)


Chris said...

Wonder no more. See edited post.