Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sad Saturday

I was going to meet my friend JI for dinner on Saturday, but his mother needed sudden heart surgery and understandably he couldn't join me. I decided to go by myself anyway, and get some Mexican food at "Dos Tacos". I have mentioned before about taxi drivers ignoring me, presumably because I am a foreigner. Well, this night I had a first - the BUS DRIVER refused to stop and let me on! I've never had that happen. I gave up and took a taxi, arrived at Dos Tacos just behind a large group of people who took the last seats in the place. So I decided to eat at the Subway next door, since they offer hot sandwiches. I carefully chose a sandwich from the "hot toasted" side of the menu, one whose name conveys heat - "Subway Melt". Well, the sandwich was delivered to me stone cold. I wasn't going to say anything, but the clerk came to me after my first couple bites and said they had forgotten to put the bacon on. I told her she also forgot to heat it up, and she said no, only the Italian-something sandwich came hot. All minor irritations in the scheme of things, especially compared to JI's mom. Get well soon.

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