Saturday, March 12, 2005


Last night was "normal" Friday night for me - normal meaning no plans, or any plans I do have get turned upside down. Not that I mind, whenever a plan changes, I have always had a good time. Maybe there is a lesson for me somewhere... Anywho, last night was shaping up to be a McDonald's dinner. You see, even though I know enough Korean to order food in most places, I feel a little awkward going into a nice place and eating alone. Sometimes when alone I will eat dinner at home or perhaps at a Korea fast food place, where eating alone is not unusual. But for some reason I was heading for McD's, even though it is my least favorite place to eat.

I was rescued from the misery of McD's by my housekeeper (more about her in another post). She called me as I was leaving, and as usual, asked me where I was and what I was doing (I feel like she is my mother hen sometimes). She found I was going to eat alone, and it turns out her plans for last night were cancelled, and she insisted to meet me for dinner. We had galbi, and I heard all about her motor scooter problems in the high winds yesterday. After stuffing ourselves, she went to meet a friend nearby and I went to one of my favorite bars for a couple of beers. This bar owner is a very nice lady who everytime comes to say hello to me, and often will give me a "service" item like fruit. Last night she opens up this bag full of what looks like hot dogs (in the bun) wrapped up in gold colored paper. She gives me one, and all the staff insist I open it right there. It turns out to be a package of three bandannas. Two of them were maps of Korean mountain park areas, and the third one (in the photo) appears to be a no smoking message. I thanked her very much, and I am now the proud owner of some of the fanciest snot catchers in Seoul.

No Smoking Bandanna? Posted by Hello

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