Saturday, March 19, 2005

Fruity Communications

Even though I declared myself "done" with my sickness last post, I have continued to feel "poorly" the past few days. Knock on wood, I think I am really better now. Just been doing some work, treadmill, and had one evening meeting this week with our graphics designer HJ. She is handling our business cards, brochures and web site design. I never knew there were so many choices and issues with something as simple as a business card (in Asia they are usually called "name cards"). I hope to have them next week, in time to bring home on my US vacation and show off. I can't wait to make decisions on the brochures and website...

Special Jeju Oranges, Before... Posted by Hello

Just to show that I don't always eat unhealthy foods like "kimchi samgyopsal", here are some special oranges SY bought for me this week. I was told these are special fruits grown on Jeju Island, and are so expensive she would only buy two of them. I had some today for a snack, and they were pretty good. You will also note the green tea in the background, another healthy item in my Korean diet. I've been lounging around today, reading a book, and doing some catch-up work I missed when sick last week. I also drifted asleep today on our Water Buffalo sofa, probably our most distinctive piece of furniture. I will work on a future post featuring our Korean officetel decor, with photos of course.

...and After. Posted by Hello

Today SY will come to deliver some foods and cook dinner. I am pretty proud of myself today, because I sent her my shopping list by text message entirely in Korean. And I only had to look up about half of the words! There were a couple of items I wonder how well I translated. The truth will be what is actually delivered. SY later called me on the phone to schedule her visit. I continue to be amazed at the difficulty to communicate with my Korean friends other than in person. I think anyone would admit that face to face communications are always better than letters, e-mail, or telephone calls, and especially so between persons with language and cultural differences. I have experienced this when I first began doing business in Asia back in 2001, but it still amazes me to this day just HOW BIG that difference is. For example, today when SY called me, she asked several times if it was okay if she brought something (word not understood) with her today when she comes. I asked her to repeat several times, and could not understand. I could only figure out that she wanted to bring with her either (a) some new machine she has just bought, or (b) one of her friends. I finally decided to just say yes, since either would be fine with me. I will report later what/who actually arrives with her.

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