Sunday, March 27, 2005

Egg Hunt and New Wheels

Friday I suffered a setback in my jet lag - I lay down 11am for a short nap, and didn't wake up until 9pm at night! However, I seem to be better now, Saturday I stayed awake all day until going to sleep at 7pm. Saturday was the annual Easter Egg Hunt and party at church, and we had a good time. Since I have been in Korea since 2 January, I had not seen many friends for a long time. Photo below is Young Stumbler #4 decorating an egg.

Easter Egg on a Stick Posted by Hello

The next highlight of the day was purchasing a new (well, actually a used) car for Young Stumbler #1. YS#1 has done an outstanding job in High School, and has earned a full scholarship for college. Mrs. Stumbler and I promised her a car if she received a scholarship, so yesterday we got her one. She seems very happy. The only problem I have with this car is the color - it is black, which isn't good in the hot South USA weather. But YS#1 loves it, and is very happy with black. For the record, it is 2002 Mazda Protoge, which I am told is similar to the Stumbler's old Mazda 626 model.

Look Dad - I'm Taller Than The Car, and Barefoot!!! Posted by Hello

We wrapped up the day with a new recipe for the Stumbler, something called "White Chicken Chili". It was very good - sorry no photograph. I got to help by crushing up some garlic, and my fingers smelled like garlic for an hour. All for now - Happy Easter.

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