Friday, March 25, 2005

Stumbling Home

Had good trip home Thursday. No flight problems, and I got some good sleep, too. When I began making long business trips a few years ago, I could never sleep on an airplane. Somehow I have learned over the years to have a short sleep. I am still jealous of one colleague I know from California. He will lean his seat back as soon as the wheels lift off the runway, and go straight to sleep, and he won't wake up until the plane touches down.

Homecoming Decorations Posted by Hello

I was greeted at home with some fancy decorations and balloons! Can someone comment please - who is the fellow in the "Welcome Home" poster? I know he is some famous cartoon character, but my mind draws a blank. After unpacking lots of clothes, we settled in on the deck in the sunshine to read the paper and drink some green tea. Mrs. Stumbler has heard that being out in the sunshine helps adjusting for the big time zone changes - and I am happy to sit outside because I think our deck doesn't get enough use, and the early spring weather is very nice. Today the high temperature will be 73F (23C).

Maybe the sunshine did the trick. I was able to stay awake until 6pm, and slept until 5am. Much better than when I wake up at 2am on past trips. Hopefully I can keep a normal sleep schedule this coming week. I will post some photos Monday of weekend activities.

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