Monday, March 21, 2005

Sunset and Shellfish Dinner

Just a brief post to share a couple photos. Today I was invited to go along on a "picnic" in the "country", and I had a great time. Although there was not a "picnic" as I know it, and we ended up at the sea, not the countryside. But that's a story for another day.

Sunset from Dongbaekjeong Posted by Hello

Here you will see the sunset from Korean natural monument No. 169, where we stopped for some photos and short hike.

Shellfish Dinner Posted by Hello

We ate dinner at this seaside "restaurant", actually a tent. There was a grill in the table, which is common in Korea. They just dumped a bunch of shell fish on the grill, we let them cook, and ate them straight from the shells using chopsticks and the provided gloves. I could identify clams and oysters - the rest of the shell fish were mysteries to me. Maybe someone who lives near the ocean can confirm whether this is common in US or not - since I live far from the ocean, it is certainly not a familiar sight to me. I ate all the varieties, and to my surprise they all were really good, except one of the huge clams, which was unpleasant to eat because of its chewiness (not the flavor). I must say that oysters have never tops on my list, but when they are grilled like this, they are not slimy and have good texture and flavor.

Maybe I will be out of touch the next couple days as I take a side trip to a town a couple hours drive away Monday and Tuesday, so posts may be scarce.


Momma Stumbler said...

YUMMMM!! That looks good! I hope you weren't expected to eat those shells!

Momma Stumbler said...

That is a beautiful sunset!