Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Children's Grand Park

Monday we embarked on a 56-minute train ride to the Children's Grand Park. It was a great place for the Young Stumblers to run around and play. They also have a zoo, various shows, and an amusement park. We didn't go to the amusement park, and the one show we tried to attend, at Elephant World, was closed. There's not much to narrate here, so I'll let the photos speak for themselves..

Children's Grand Park's Grand Fountain Posted by Picasa

One of the Actors from the Elephant World Show Posted by Picasa

YS#4 at the Playground Posted by Picasa

Mr. Polar Bear Waiting for his Fish Posted by Picasa

The Young Stumbers Take a Camel Ride Posted by Picasa

During one of our breaks, next to several soccer fields full of energetic youth, Mrs. Stumbler got some snacks from her bag. I went to the snack booth and got some water and a package of three boiled eggs (actually, I was gambling that they would be boiled - what would someone do with raw eggs at a zoo?). The kids didn't like them, because they looked different. The color was light brown, almost the color of the egg shell. However, if you closed your eyes and ignored the color, the taste was almost the same as a "normal" boiled egg. Interesting. I saved the label, I will show it to some of my Korean friends for translation. I tried to translate some of the text myself, and came up with "Plaster of Paris".

The Long Day is Over... Posted by Picasa

Thoroughly exhausted, we returned home on another 56-minute train ride. YS#4 immediately fell asleep on the train. At home, the Stumbling Family had various left overs. However, The Stumbler was missing Korea food, and went across the street for some sundubu jjigae. Finally, to wrap up the evening, we all watched "The Pink Panther" movie and ate banana ice cream.

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