Monday, October 10, 2005

Seoul Tower Not

Sunday we were mostly lazy, but in the afternoon we proceeded back to the Namsan area for some sightseeing with SY and YT. The central attraction on Namsan mountain is the Seoul Tower. When I arrived in Korea this trip, I remember reading in a tourist magazine that John left for me that the Seoul Tower was closed for rennovation, but would be opened again in October. I thought to myself, "Great". Well, the work is still on-going.

Not to be deterred, and not knowing initially that the Tower was closed, we headed up the mountain on the cable car. The first attraction was a smoke signal station, a row of 5 special fireplaces designed to make smoke.

SY and The Stumbling Girls By The Smoke Signal Station Posted by Picasa

We walked around the top of the mountain for some time, taking in the various sights and views of Seoul. We encountered one ajumma who was making cotton candy, using a foot-operated pedal machine. She was celebrating her 40th year making cotton candy with this machine! (Sorry, no photo) Then we went down the mountain on the cable car to go eat.

Taking the Cable Car Down The Mountain Posted by Picasa

To reward my Stumbling family for trying so many Korean foods, we chose to eat at a western place, Outback. (Well, technically, you could claim that Australia is in the far east I suppose). After enjoying ribs, various chicken dishes, and pasta, SY suggested a long walk. She said in Korea, when someone was full from a large dinner, they took a walk. I told her that in America, we took a long nap. First, outside the restaurant was an interesting statue of kids on a see-saw. We had fun taking some photos with the statue.

SY and YS#4 at the See Saw Statue Posted by Picasa

The Stumbler at the See Saw Statue Posted by Picasa

We headed to the newly completed Cheonggye stream / park. The place was packed. We enjoyed a long stroll along the stream, stopping to view the artwork in some places.

YS#3 and YS#4 Imitating the Artwork Posted by Picasa

The Headwaters of Cheonggye Stream Posted by Picasa

We reached the headwaters of the steam, and decided to call it a night. We entered the Gwanghwamun Station for our 22 minute ride home.

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Mama Stumbler said...

Having a wonderful virtual trip with ya'll! Are those ghost spots in the picture of the headwaters, or are they just water spots on the lens?