Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Tourist Fun

Monday the Young Stumbler #4 was feeling sick, so we took the day off. Tuesday we had an easy day. Went down to the area near the Carrefour and Hyundai department store. One the way, stopped at a park and let the girls play some.

See Sawing Stumblers Posted by Picasa

We arrived at Hyundai just at the opening time, and were treated to the sight of all the clerks doing their morning exercises. We had some cheesecake and tea as a mid-morning snack, then headed to the Carrefour for some grocery shopping. Got lots of groceries, and decided to walk home instead of taking the cab.

Wednesday we went out to the market at Namdaemun, and afterwards sat in the grassy park by the Namdaemun Gate and let YS#4 run around for awhile. I really enjoyed the market, since it was my first time to see it.

Enjoying the Sights and Smells of the Namdaemun Market Posted by Picasa

Guarding the Gate Posted by Picasa

The only other excitement was a delivery to our apartment. Our apartment building management has finally installed the automatic security system panels in all the apartments a couple months ago. It is a wonderful system - a delivery man or guest can ring your apartment from the front entrance, and you can see and talk to this person, and by pressing a button, let them into the building. All of this assumes you can read the Korean labels for the buttons on the security panel. In my attempt to let the delivery man in, I apparently pushed the CALAMITY button, and some pre-recorded Korean lady's voice began repeating some phrase over and over again. I called my friend CH, and he was trying to help me silence her, when he got a call from the apartment management wanting to know about my "emergency". We finally got it all cleared up, but now I am afraid to touch the panel.


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