Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Last Day

Wednesday morning the Stumbling Family did some packing. We were a little worried that everything would fit into the suitcases, but so far so good.

Mrs. Stumbler Packing Posted by Picasa

We headed out to Insadong late in the morning for some last minute shopping. Mrs. Stumbler had some specific items she was looking for, so I thought it would be a quick trip. Unfortunately, probably 50% of the stores along Insadong street sell these items, so the shopping was not as efficient as I had hoped. But, we had a good time. Around lunch time we headed out in search of some western food. It took some time to find a suitable place, and I was drooling at the delicious Korean food places we were passing. Finally, we stumbled on a McDonalds, which made everyone happy. Afterwards, we enjoyed an ice cream cone for only W300 (30 cents).

When searching for a lunch spot, we came across this ice cream and fruit store that was just opening. YS#4 got to meet an exceptionally tall Korean man, as seen in the photo below.

YS#4 Greets Very Tall Korean Posted by Picasa

After lunch, Mrs. Stumbler wanted to make just one more purchase, and then we headed home. On the walk back to the apartment, YS#3 wanted one of the waffles from the street vendor. I told her she could get one, but would have to make the purchase by herself. I would not help. She gave it a try, and was successful, as you can see.

YS#3 Makes a Purchase from the Street Vendor Posted by Picasa

We arrived back home, and the packing continued. Most difficult was how to fit all the new purchases into the suitcases, but Mrs. Stumbler is also an expert packer. It would appear everything fits well. Tonight we are eating a big salad and some fruits for dinner. Mrs. Stumbler will also prepare cheese nachos this evening as a snack.

Okay - today's Konglish alert comes from a toilet paper vending machine outside the bathroom at one of the subway stations. Mrs. Stumbler's keen eye found this one for me, which I promptly photographed while nearby Koreans were looking at me very strangely.

Konglish Alert Posted by Picasa

That's all. We need to sleep early tonight, because we leave for the airport at 7am in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading your family's wonderful experiences in Korea.
I hope that your family enjoyed being in Korea for the time being.
Please come again.......

Have a safe flight~~~