Sunday, October 09, 2005


Saturday we went to see my friends WJ and HJ get married. Despite all the descriptions and explanations of a modern Korean wedding, I was still quite surprised at the differences. Actually, there were two ceremonies, a western-style one and a smaller, traditional Korean style wedding. Probably the biggest surprise was at the main, western-style wedding. There was lots of loud talking. In America, the wedding ceremony is very quiet. But at this wedding, it was very loud with all the talking, greetings, and socializing going on during the ceremony.

HJ is a teacher, and a big group of her girls came to the front and sang a song for them. Also, two of WJ friends sang a very nice duet for the newly married couple. As they walked down the aisle after the wedding, many of their friends and HJ's girls sent streamers and confetti all over them.

HJ's Girls Singing Posted by Picasa

Streamers and Confetti Posted by Picasa

After the first ceremony was over, many of the guests went to the banquet hall for their dinner. But some of WJ and HJ friends and family stayed behind for the photo sessions. After many photos, including one with The Stumbler and YS#4, the couple changed clothes for the the traditional ceremony. Here is one photo from that ceremony, with WJ mother and father.

Photo From the Traditional Ceremony Posted by Picasa

Finally, after both ceremonies and the photos, we also went to the banquet hall to eat. Except for one table, we were the last guests to eat. We enjoyed many good Korean dishes. Mrs. Stumbler ate some of the dried/smoked fish we often see in Korea. She liked the taste, but found it easier to eat after she turned the dish so the fishes' eyes were pointing at our friend CH, and not her. We had some special soup - I don't remember the name, but it was a cross between Seolleong-tang (설렁탕) and Galbi-tang (갈비탕).

After the dinner, we say WJ and HJ again as they were leaving to their limo, and we wished them a happy time on their honeymoon. To wrap up the evening, we went to a park along the Han River, walked around a little and drank some hot drinks.

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