Saturday, October 08, 2005

Korean Folk Village

Thursday our schedule was to go to the Korean Folk Village. Our friend SC picked us up, and we drove through the normal heavy traffic to arrive at the KFV just before noon. Upon entering the parking lot, SC said "uh oh, many buses". The normal bus parking had overflowed into the car parking lot. On any day, you will find school children touring the KFV, and on this day there were MANY of these group - mostly kindergarteners.

School Kids Taking a Lunch Break Posted by Picasa

These kids looked pretty cute in their colorful uniforms and matching backpacks. But I felt sorry for their teachers, many of them looked so exhausted and stressed out.

Here are some scenes from our visit

Tradional Paper Making and Writing Posted by Picasa

The Stumbling Family - Good Thing We Didn't on This Bridge Posted by Picasa

Early Korean Tennis Shoe Making Posted by Picasa

YS#4 Tries to Make a Mask Posted by Picasa

It is REALLY Good That The Stumblers Didn't on THIS Bridge Posted by Picasa

Acrobats Posted by Picasa

It's probably hard to tell with the resolution of the my blog photos, but at this acrobat show there were two kids on the front row who kept falling asleep they were so tired.

We ate lunch at the Korean market place, and to everyone's surprise YS#4 started to share my Samgaetang. She ate a lot of it, and really enjoyed it. When the day was winding down, around 4:30pm, all the adults were really tired and slow. But YS#4 seemed to have MORE energy than when we arrived! We think it was the Samgaetang.

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